2017 has been?

Awesome for me?how was it for you?

I?m assuming that a large number of you reading this blog right now are on annual leave and quite possibly recovering from the post-Christmas hangover that comes with over indulgence. So, I?ll keep it light-hearted and avoid putting too much strain on your brain.

This week?s topic is typical of the ?end-of-year? theme and is about reflection and happiness. Now is an ideal time to reflect on the year you?ve had and consider what you?d like to achieve in 2018.

Why is reflection important? Well, aside from being constantly on the go, I think we?re often too hard on ourselves, we push for bigger, better, more and rarely stop to consider all the fabulous things we?ve accomplished. I?ll be the first to put my hand up on this point and I?m pleased to say I?m getting better at stopping.

Reflecting creates the space to stop and ponder work, rest, relationships, adventure, health, life in general! For me, 2017 has definitely been a good year. After a really tough 2016 I have found my rhythm, discovered my true passion and created a little balance in my life. I get that for some people 2017 was a tough year and I want you to know that you?re a stronger person because of it.

And then there?s happiness, which is a state that can be accessed within seconds by recalling an experience in the past, experiencing something in the present (like one of my really funny jokes) or imagining an experience in the future. Shawn Achor says we?ve got happiness all wrong, that we do things to make ourselves happy (which makes our happiness conditional on the outcome of the thing we?re doing). Instead, he says we should work on being happy first and then it will be reinforced in the things we do.

In his TED Talk, The Happy Secret to Better Work, Shawn says ?if you can raise somebody’s level of positivity in the present, then their brain experiences what we now call a happiness advantage, which is your brain at positive performs significantly better than at negative, neutral or stressed. Your intelligence rises, your creativity rises, your energy levels rise. In fact, we’ve found that every single business outcome improves. Your brain at positive is 31% more productive than your brain at negative, neutral or stressed.?

So, if you?re planning on 2018 being an awesome year then now is the time to reflect on what has made you happy in 2017 and what that happiness will enable you to achieve in the year ahead. Here?s some of the things that made me happy in 2017:

  • Delivering my Dynamic Leaders Tutelage in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

  • Digging a trench ? it?s interesting what makes you happy!

  • Developing an outplacement program with Wimmigrants Founder, and dear friend, Alma Besserdin.

  • Riley joined Luis at school.

  • Monthly breakfast with my beautiful career-focused, no-bullshit friends!

  • Creating Contact Centres Uncensored YouTube channel with Customer Experience expert, Simon Blair.

  • Family night out ? a rare ocassion.

  • Skiing?this is one of my most favourite happy places.

  • Dirtbiking with the boys!

  • Eva’s tantrums!

  • Being featured in Business Chicks magazine, Latte.

  • Facilitating a two-day national leadership conference with ANZ.
  • Family holiday.

  • Filming my new small business program.

  • Phillip Island MotoGP ? another favourite happy place.

2018 is going to be so much more awesome, I know it. Here?s why?because I have a plan. I know what success looks like and I know what I have to do to get there. Sure, I?ll have my challenges and I?ll probably make some mistakes but I?m in a pretty good position to learn and become stronger because of it. And I have the support of my family and my friends who I know will be right beside me.

What?s your plan for 2018?

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Shelley Flett is a passionate leader with a keen focus on creating efficient and dynamic team environments through adaptable leadership. She is a Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor and Speaker who ignites vision and purpose in those she works with.?

If you?d like to know more about how she can support you and your business drop her an email shelley@shelleyflett.com.

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