Are ?nothing tasks? standing in the way of your next opportunity?

Do you spend more time than you should on non-value-add activities? Do random distractions fuel the procrastination of avoiding important tasks?

If you?ve looked into improving your time management skills you might be aware of the various models designed to prioritise how you spend your day ? and they?re all great. Steven Covey and his ?big rock, little rock, pebbles, sand?; Brian Tracy?s ?eat the frog?; or, the ?80:20 rule? referred to as the Pareto principle.

They are really useful for increasing your awareness and getting you thinking about how you spend your time. But, how often do you consider the connection between the way you spend your time right now and your next opportunity?

In my humble opinion your next opportunity depends on:

  1. The relationships you build with the people you work with;
  2. The results you deliver over and above what is expected in your role; and,
  3. Connecting where you are now and where you?d like to be in the future ? your direction!

By focusing on these things you will be able to easily identify what your ?big rocks? or ?frogs? are. You will also be less likely to allow ?nothing task? distractions from consuming your time. You will find meaning in the things you do and start to eliminate, delegate or automate the things that don?t align with your direction.

Your personal brand will improve and you?ll develop a reputation as someone who knows what they want and who gets the job done?your next opportunity is then likely to come to you.

So the next time you?re sitting down to complete your ?to do? list ask yourself the following questions:

?Why is it important for me to do this??
?What won?t happen if I don?t do it??

Shelley Flett is a passionate leader with a keen focus on assisting others to identify their goals and move in a direction to ensure they?re achieved.

She is a Directional Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor and Speaker who ignites vision and purpose in those she works with.

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