“Working with Shelley has been a game changer for my leadership and confidence. She is dynamic, authentic and honest in her coaching, she lifts you and challenges you simultaneously, to be the best leader you can be.“
~ Margie Grinter, Team Manager, TAC

Shelley Flett is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Institute (ICF) and has over 700 hours of coaching experience. All coaching sessions are conducted in line with ICF Core Competencies and involve building rapport, actively listening and asking powerful questions to provoke different thinking. She has successfully worked with a number of clients internationally and interstate conducting sessions via Zoom, MS Teams, Skype and FaceTime. With COVID impacting face-to-face sessions all current coaching clients have been transitioned across to the virtual environment and has little impact to the quality of the sessions or outcomes.


Focuses on building leadership capabilities in both 'self' and 'others’. This program aims to increase confidence, build capability and reduce dependency on others while still working cohesively in a team environment. Each one on one coaching program is completely customised to suit your needs. It’s worth considering if you want to:

    • Get more time back in your day.
    • Increase your leadership effectiveness.
    • Deepen trust to strengthen team cohesion and performance.
    • Increase your ability to influence others.
    • Adapt your communication style.
    • Reduce the dependency of others on you.
    • Improve staff engagement and team culture.
    • Learn strategies to deliver better outcomes.


Focuses on the three stages of vertical leadership (deep learning) around: Heat (pushing you outside of your comfort zone - with permission); Colliding Perspectives (offering different ways of being, doing and having for both you and others); and, Elevated Sensemaking (allowing time to reflect and assess past events and consider improved ways of operating in the future).

The overall outcome of exec coaching is to challenge you to adjust your thinking around how you approach your development and position yourself for long-term success.


Focuses on closing the gap between where you are right now and where you’d ideally like to be in the future.

Based around the career resilience framework, this program aims to empower you to take control of your career and improve your likelihood of remaining relevant, and therefore employed, in uncertain times & fast changing environments. The four key areas of focus it addresses is Self-Initiation which then drives Adaptability, Awareness, and Attitude.

It is ideal for you if you’re looking for opportunities to future proof your career and maintain a sense of security in your job.


Focuses on creating sustainable and inter-dependant leadership teams. This program brings small groups (up to five) together to solve challenges, create cohesion and provide coaching support across the peer group. With Shelley’s coaching expertise the group will learn to ask powerful questions, listen for structure and intent (rather than content alone) and encourage each other to find the solutions within themselves. It encourages a shift from the common ’show-n-tell’ approach to ‘ask-n-listen’. The coaching model focuses on awareness, building capability, performance and communication while, at the same time, ensuring all sessions meet the needs of the group.