From procrastination to motivation

Making the shift!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about overcoming procrastination. I shared my own, excruciating process of writing blogs and feeling frustrated by it. I offered some questions to help decide whether tasks were worth doing at all and, if so, taking a ?just do it? approach.

Once I?d published the blog I discreetly slipped back into old habits and wrote this blog the same way I?ve written all the others?and felt just as frustrated as before. So, this week I?m going to expand on the process and share some additional ways to overcome procrastination.

What I realised is that focusing on ?not procrastinating? didn?t really move me towards anything ? and was uninspiring. So rather than focusing on what I don?t want, ?procrastination?, I?ve decided to focus on what I do want, ?motivation?. What is it about this task that gives me an internal feeling of satisfaction and achievement?

Daniel Pink, in his book Drive, calls this intrinsic motivation. “The inner drive that motivates us to do things that don?t have any material reward nor do they have a consequence”. When you can identify your intrinsic motivators you?ll find it a lot easier to move out of procrastination.

So, here?s the process I follow to move to motivation?

  1. First answer these two questions:
    • What causes me to procrastinate?
    • And, for what purpose am I doing this task? How will completing this task help me move towards a longer term goal?
  2. Then decide, ?is this task worth seeing through??. Sometimes tasks may not directly equal progress but form smaller components that help to move you forward over time. So take a long-term approach when answering this question.
  3. Now, go through all the triggers that cause you to procrastinate and replace them with actions or new thoughts patterns that move you forward. For example:
Replace? With?
It?s too hard This is a learning opportunity
So many ideas Start with one idea and see where it takes me
I?m not clear on what I want to say Just say something and allow clarity to form as I progress
What if people think I?m stupid What if they value my opinion
This is overwhelming I?ll break this task down into smaller parts and go from there
I have something else (easier) to do I?ve blocked out this time in my calendar to work uninterrupted on this task


4. ?And finally, create an environment that will eliminate or reduce noise and distraction. For me, that time is around 7am, what is it for you? Brian Tracy?s book, ?Eat that frog?, explains hard tasks should be completed as early as possible in my day, when you have the energy and distractions are minimal.

Finding what works may require some trial and error so keep tweaking your approach until you find it, then?repeat it whenever you?re falling into procrastination mode.

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Shelley Flett is a passionate leader with a keen focus on creating efficient and sustainable team environments through adaptable leadership.She is a Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor and Speaker who ignites vision and purpose in those she works with.

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