Getting clear on your direction

Working through the overwhelm of choice

Clarity occurs when you know what you want and have a clear picture of what it will look like when you get there. With clarity comes certainty, around the actions required to move forward and the support needed to get there.

In the absence of clarity, you may feel overwhelmed by possibility and choice. When there are too many options and no clear destination you may do nothing, or worse still, make decisions that you later regret.

Psychologist Barry Schwartz, came up with the term ?Paradox of Choice?. He associates the abundance of choice we have with being miserable. He conducted research that found ?there can be too much of a good thing?that a point can be reached at which options paralyse rather than liberate.? He noticed that when there were too many choices, two different things happened. ?First, satisfaction with whatever was chosen diminishes. And second, people chose not to choose at all.?

It?s true that some choice is essential but there is a tipping point at which it goes from being liberating to being very limiting. I remember feeling overwhelmed when I bought a new fridge, so many options: what brand, what size, what colour, freezer on the top, freezer on the bottom, no freezer at all! I looked online, I looked in stores, I asked people for advice, I gave up twice. When I eventually bought my fridge I felt relieved but not overly satisfied.

In a work situation being paralysed by choice can be the difference between your success and failure, particularly if you?re in a leadership position.

?Without focusing and getting to clarity you cannot lead. You cannot motivate. You cannot plan. You cannot communicate.? ~ Bobb Biehl (Executive Mentor)

The first step to gaining clarity is to minimise choice. Eliminate the things that are creating noise in your head and taking up valuable energy. Once you do this you can work out what direction you want to head and begin to move forward!

Shelley Flett is a passionate leader with a keen focus on creating dynamic team environments through adaptable leadership.?She is a leadership coach, trainer, facilitator, mentor and speaker who ignites vision and purpose in those she works with.

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