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“This has been a very enlightening & uplifting experience. I have learnt so much from the past two days. Would definitely recommend this training session.”

Jennie Wood – Autoguru

"I had just been made redundant & was feeling really stressed and lost. Every area of my life was being affected & I couldn’t find a way to pull myself out of it.  I’d always been dubious about being able to connect with a mentor that was right for me however, I decided on Shelley after a 20-minute phone call. In that quick call, she helped me take stock of my attributes & passions & I quickly realisedI had been on the wrong career path at any rate. It was the reassurance I was looking for.  She re-injected me with motivation, accountability & a sense of purpose. I am now working in a job I love & I’m feeling back to my normal self. Though this is the case, I will always stay in touch with Shelley as this is where I learned the importance of goal-setting which needs constant revision! I could not possibly recommend Shelley any higher."

Lyndal Hamwood, Marketing & Operations Manager, The Dream Collective

“I found the participatory nature of the course very engaging. I was definitely put out of my comfort zone, but leave feeling better for it and with a greater level of self-awareness.”

Kylie Wallas – City of Gold Coast

"The board at Table Tennis Victoria engaged Shelley recently to facilitate a team day. We covered topics around individual mindset, communication, team cohesion and strategic direction which aligned with the objectives we'd set. Shelley was engaging and interactive and the feedback from the team was highly positive. We're really excited to be moving forward and would highly recommend Shelley as a facilitator! We will be engaging Shelley again in the near future for more planned staff development. "

Sue West, Chairperson, Table Tennis Victoria

“Shelley has been so valuable as a coach and mentor as I have gone through the early stages of setting up my own business and planning for the future. 

She listened to what I wanted to achieve and was generous, insightful and resourceful in her approach. Shelley is great at motivating towards a goal and communicating clear messages - and she sets a great example to follow. I highly recommend Shelley for coaching and mentoring”

Pamela Mawson, Personal & Business Coach, Mawson Consulting

“Over the last 20 years I have been to many leadership courses. I found this one of the best, I was kept engaged, interested and challenged! I would attend more courses facilitated by Shelley.”

Jo-ann Lerner – City of Goldcoast

"I had the opportunity to work with Shelley recently in a coaching capacity and can honestly say she is brilliant. She has a great ability to increase self-awareness and also awareness of others which was really helpful. Until commencing the coaching program, I didn't realisethe benefit of an independent, unbiased perspective but it has really helped me gain clarity of what I need to do, both in my professional life and my personal life. I would highly recommend Shelley to anyone in a leadership role!"

John Jacovou, Branch Manager, ANZ

"One of the best workshops I have ever attended. Great facilitator, very intereactive. Your day just flies by while covering an amazing amount of information. Would recommend to any other organisation/business.”

Samantha Ballis- ASGManager, ANZ


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