How consistent are you as a leader?

Inconsistent leaders need to work twice as hard to retain staff and maintain engagement than consistent leaders.

In my early twenties I embarked on a ?working holiday? through Europe. There were many highs and many lows over my three years of travel. One particular ?low? I recall was working just out of London in a small pub. Every morning when my boss?s mini cooper pulled into the carpark I would feel a wave of anxiety flow through me??what mood would she be in today??. The second she walked through the door I immediately knew if she was happy or angry ? I?m pretty sure those were the only two emotions she displayed.

On the days when she was happy – she had a spring in her step. When she said ?hiya? she would make eye contact and smile, she would engage in conversation. The mood of everyone, on these days, was upbeat and full of fun and excitement?the day went quickly. The challenges that come with working in hospitality seemed unimportant and we genuinely enjoyed ourselves.

Compare that with the days when my boss was angry – her head would remain down, she would avoid eye contact. If you were listening carefully you might hear a mumbled ?hiya? as she stomped through to the office where she would remain until the kitchen opened. The mood of everyone on these days was one of caution. We were careful not to make mistakes or to be seen to be enjoying ourselves. In particular, we were careful not to get in her way for fear of being reprimanded. On these days we watched the clock, counting down the minutes until the end of our shift.

What I?ve learnt since is this behaviour is not uncommon in the workplace. One particular Gallup poll suggests that 50% of employees who left their job did so to ?get away from their manager?. And while ?getting away from a manager? is open to interpretation I?d like to bet that working for someone who has unpredictable moods and inconsistent behaviour is high on the list.

Like many other employees, I eventually left the pub because of my boss?s unpredictable moods. So my advice to leaders is this?be aware of how your ?moods? might be impacting your team and, at the very least, be consistent!

?It?s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently?
~ Tony Robbins


Shelley Flett is a passionate leader with a keen focus on assisting others to identify their goals and move in a direction to ensure they?re achieved.

She is a Directional Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor and Speaker who ignites vision and purpose in those she works with.

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