How these problems might be solved

The way I work with you will be dependent on the size and scale of your organisation and the problem itself. My motto is INVEST | INSPIRE | INFLUENCE which are overarching themes and a common place to start our conversation. I will meet with you to determine the most appropriate course of action and create a program that suits you, your business and your industry. Then we can mutually agree on the best approach.


One on one coaching is great for owners and leaders of the business. Through coaching I can help you recognise the things that are holding you back and put strategies in place to overcome them. Over an initial period of six months you will gain clarity on where you need to be focusing and how to empower your people to deliver results. Group coaching is also a great program for leadership teams to work through common challenges around trust, communication and accountability.


Training is great for teams who need to focus on a particular theme, like: leadership, time management, customer experience, mindset, performance, communication, etc. The training programs are delivered in a way that best suits the business. E.g. One full-day, two half-days, three hours a month over six-months, etc.


If you’re wanting your team to bond or challenge each other differently or if you’re preparing, revising or reviewing a strategy, then a facilitated workshop is ideal. I will work with you on the format, objectives, activities and next steps then run the whole session so you can be part of the day with your team.


Where there’s an event that requires an expert speaker I am available for the following topics:

  • You can be friends with your staff;
  • Silence is your superpower;
  • The success mirage
  • Adopting a 'result' based mindset


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