Is your direction clear as fog?

?Without focusing and getting to clarity you cannot lead. You cannot motivate. You cannot plan. You cannot communicate? ~ Bobb Biehl (Executive Mentor)

I?m not sure about you but driving through fog (or heavy rain/snow) is?probably one of the scariest experiences when behind the wheel of a car.?Particularly when the fog is so thick you can only see a short distance in?front of you.

You don?t know if there?s a car stopped on the road or animals crossing. If?you?re unfamiliar with the route you?re not even sure where the road is?going. You feel nervous, anxious, scared and even a little frustrated because?your progress is so slow ? you feel like you?re not going anywhere.

What is it that makes driving through fog so unnerving and yet for a lot of?people they?re ?ok? to live their life that way ? without clarity of purpose?

Have you ever said something that you didn?t mean or tried to lead a team?in a direction that you didn?t believe in? How convincing were you?

Did you stop to consider that this might be happening because you?re?focusing on what you don?t want instead of what you do want.

To be effective as a leader you need to be clear on what you want. When?you have clarity everything falls into place. You understand the need for?things to happen and can see how they fit into the bigger picture.

You stop saying one thing and acting in a way that contradicts it. You gain?confidence from the people you work with and build a highly productive?team. Above all, leaders with clarity improve their brand which opens up?opportunities for further growth.

I wonder if Jimmy Cliff experienced the same sense of clarity in his own life?when he wrote the lyrics to the song ?I Can See Clearly Now??

I can see clearly now the rain is gone.

I can see all obstacles in my way.

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.

It’s gonna be a bright (bright)

bright (bright) sunshiny day.

Oh, yes I can make it now the pain is gone.

All of the bad feelings have disappeared.

Here is that rainbow I’ve been praying for.

It’s gonna be a bright (bright)

bright (bright) sunshiny day.

(ooh…) Look all around, there’s nothing but blue skies.

Look straight ahead, there’s nothing but blue skies.

If you go by the theory that – ?what you think and feel are ?reflected??in what you say and do? – gaining clarity should be high on your ?to do??list!

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