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Often the engagement of leaders is overlooked. We assume that because they?re in a leadership position they should be able to look after themselves. And while it is important for leaders to own and direct their own development it is still the responsibility of their managers to ensure they remain engaged.

And if you apply Richard Branson?s theory that ?if you look after your people, they will look after your customers? you could say ?If you look after your leaders, they will look after your people?. Sometimes we forget that leaders are people and have the same needs when it comes to engagement in their workplace.

When I think about role models in senior leadership a few names come to mind, but there?s one person who has blown me away with how he engages his leaders. His name is Spiz Constandinouand he is the Head of Practice Support Solutions at MYOB. When Spiz first joined the business in 2014 the engagement of his staff sat at 57% and within 12 months it had lifted to 80%. In last year?s survey this score had increased further to 86%.

Pretty impressive for an operations team where the work is quite challenging and the pace, at certain times of the year, extremely fast! But what?s more impressive is the engagement score of his leaders, the people that report directly to him. In 2016 their engagement was 76% and in 2018 it reached 100%!!! When he shared this with me last month I was blown away and also a little curious about how he?d managed to keep his leadership team engaged. This is what he shared with me about the key components to engaging his people:


The attitude of a leader and their direct reports is critical. Attitude is king of all attributes. It surpasses Knowledge and Hard Work.

Once attitude and disposition are well established within a team, then that opens up the gateway to all sorts of possibilities. Characteristics like approachableness, transparency, honesty, determination, accountability become more alive and are infectious. Usually a great attitude is underpinned by great values, that lead to character.


It doesn?t matter what industry or realm you are involved in, coaching & development is a critical vehicle to success. It allows people to frequently self-reflect on their strengths and, more importantly, helps them focus on their areas of opportunity. It gives the opportunity to persist, perish or pivot on an action or goal.

It stretches individuals/teams to go above and beyond their capabilities with an element of belief and trust. Quality coaching allows for a democratic conversation where everyone is enabled and empowered to hold each other accountable – respectfully.

Coaching sessions need to be meaningful and purposeful so they may fulfil their objective as fuel for growth. For this reason, they should be structured, for consistency of performance, without it becoming an event-ticking exercise.


Good communication is critical to achieving desired outcomes and giving others a solid view of the landscape. The more effectively you communicate, the more others will gravitate to your style, and the easier it will be to achieve wonderful results. Once this is established decision making is made with diligence and without procrastination.

Your tone and manner needs to be respectful and reflect the organisations values. In particular, when faced with adversity. It?s during adversity that a leaders true characteristics materialise.

It?s also important to communicate well with key stakeholders. If your stakeholders hold you in regard for the way you interact, they will be more open to assisting in a task or initiative.

?It doesn?t matter how great a business plan is, without staff engagement the great business plan becomes irrelevant?.~ Spiz Constandinou

So, if you?re struggling to engage your leaders, try applying some of the ideas Spiz has shared with us?he?s a true role model!

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