Leadership Endurance

Leadership is neither a marathon, nor a sprint?but a combination of both!

I?recently decided to take up exercise again, just after Christmas but before New Years?so it?s technically not a new year?s resolution. More a guilt-induced promise I made to myself. And unlike a new year?s resolution I plan to see through this promise through to at least Valentines Day!

My exercise of choice is interval training! It?s not training for a marathon and it?s not running a sprint but a combination of the two. It incorporates high and low intensity activity in intervals ? and you can use it with almost any activity (e.g. running, cycling, swimming, etc.). You don?t need to be at peak fitness and you can get through a workout relatively quick, which is a bonus to those of us who are time poor.

The best part are the benefits on the waistline – research suggests that interval training has a greater impact over other forms of exercise as you continue to burn calories well after your workout has ended (around 6-15% more calories to the overall workout energy expenditure). According to the American College of Sports Medicine interval training tends to burn more calories than traditional workouts for this reason.

As I was running up and down my street it occurred to me that leadership is very similar to interval training. The low intensity component, which includes coaching staff and providing guidance and direction, is just as important as the high intensity component, which includes managing crisis situations and meeting deadlines.

Successful leaders approach their day-to-day tasks with the expectation that there will be ?highs? and ?lows?. They are able to regulate their mood and remain optimistic throughout the day. High intensity tasks don?t come as a surprise and they effortlessly adjust their pace to maintain momentum. Low intensity tasks are a high priority and given just as much focus as the high intensity task ? thus allowing the business to become sustainable.

The secret to building your Leadership Endurance is to practice, refine, practice, refine!!

?Don?t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion? ~ Muhammad Ali

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