“When reflecting on my time in the course, I think the best thing that Shelley was able to help people uncover was the sub-conscious you.  I learnt so much about how I talk, how I think, how I respond and how that impacts the people I work with.  This was eye-opening and presented me with so many places that I could develop myself to become a better leader.” ~ Fraser Thompson, Operations Leader, ANZ

The overarching purpose of Shelley’s leadership programs is to increase awareness, develop strategic insight, enhance emotional intelligence, build adaptability and create greater team cohesion.


This one-day program is ideal if you are a new or emerging leader who needs strategies and tools to lead your team/s effectively. With an effective structure and a shift in focus it is possible for you to build a sustainable environment where you are invested, and your teams are operating dynamically.

The structure follows three core themes around the ability to invest in trusting relationships, inspire respect through healthy conversation and influence results by empowering others. Gain the confidence to know when to intervene, where to inspire and, who to influence.


Exclusive to you, this one-day workshop can be delivered onsite or offsite depending on your requirements.

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This one-day program is ideal if you are a leader of leaders and are ready to be challenged to think differently about how you approach your role. This program involves elevating your thinking and transitioning your approach to the next level of performance, success and engagement. It is designed around the theory that what created success for you in the past won’t be enough to guarantee your success in the future.  You will leave the day with: A new way to approach your role as a leader of leaders; Structure and clarity on what success looks like for you and your team; Tools and strategies to improve the way you influence and communicate; and, Confidence in your leadership capabilities and optimism about future transitions.


This six-month program, delivered in Collaboration with Renée Giarrusso, is ideal if you are a leader who has been juggling the chaos of people, technology, outcomes, change, strategy, innovation, collaboration…oh and life in general – all at the same time. It’s time to ‘break state’ and have some fun and adventure, connect and excel in a more purposeful way. Over six-months you will: See an increase in your motivation and energy levels;

Discover a new way of leading; Gain traction on what’s next in your career; and, Learn the benefits of connection with self and others. When you shift gears you gain traction and focus, more on the experience and less on the mechanics, so you can drive your career and life from chaos to connection.


“An amazing fun, content filled day learning about the power of investing in relationships to inspire respect and ultimately influence results. A must attend for leaders,”
~ Dwight Hodge, BAS Group

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