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This series is ideal if you are a new or emerging leader who needs strategies and tools to lead your team/s effectively. With an effective structure and a shift in focus it is possible for you to build a sustainable environment where you are invested, and your teams are operating dynamically. The structure follows three core themes around the ability to invest in trusting relationships, inspire respect through healthy conversation and influence results by empowering others. Gain the confidence to know when to intervene, where to inspire and, who to influence. Delivered through Zoom, attend from wherever you like.

Commences 22nd Feb 2022 @10am

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This program encourages you to reflect on your current ‘life’ position. Many of us don’t think about ‘building’ resilience until we’re already feeling the pressure and need to tap into it. This program aims to equip you with the tools you need to shift focus and bounce back from adversity. It helps to effectively deal with challenges by creating a regular practice around the five core components of being resilient: Position; Preparedness; Perspective; Presence; and, People. Keep your cup topped up now, as part of your daily life, and well into the future. Delivered through Zoom, attend from wherever you like.

Commences 21st June 2022 @10am

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This six-month program, delivered in collaboration with Renée Giarrusso, is ideal if you are a leader who has been juggling the chaos of people, technology, outcomes, change, strategy, innovation, collaboration…oh and life in general – all at the same time. It’s time to ‘break state’ and have some fun and adventure, connect and excel in a more purposeful way. Over six-months you will: See an increase in your motivation and energy levels; Discover a new way of leading; Gain traction on what’s next in your career; and, Learn the benefits of connection with self and others. When you shift gears you gain traction and focus, more on the experience and less on the mechanics, so you can drive your career and life from chaos to connection. Find out more or register: