Public programs

These are the training programs I offer to the general public where attendees come from a wide variety of businesses, industries and locations.

Dynamic Leaders Tutelage

A one-day program where new & emerging leaders will learn strategies and tools to lead their teams effectively. Gain the confidence to know when to intervene, where to inspire and, who to influence.

Most managers begin their leadership journey with minimal structure and find themselves reacting to situations and running from one burning platform to the next - they are reactive and, as a result, their culture may be quite erratic.

With an effective structure and a change in focus it is possible to build a sustainable environment where leaders are invested and their teams are dynamic.

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Next Level Leadership

A one-day program for leaders of leaders. Attendees will be challenged to think differently about how they approach their role and take their leaders and teams to the next level. 

 This program was designed around the theory that what got you to your current role won’t be enough to get you to your next role. To continue to succeed and grow it is essential to transition your thinking and approach to the next level of leadership. 

 You will leave the day with:

  • A new way to approach your role as a leader of leaders
  • Structure and clarity on what success looks like for you and your team
  • Tools and strategies to improve the way you influence and communicate
  • Confidence in your leadership capabilities and optimism about future transitions
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Personal Resilience Program

A one-day workshop for anyone working in a fast paced and often reactive environment. Attendees will learn strategies to help build and maintain their own personal resilience as well as opportunities to build relationships and support the people around them. 

Resilience isn’t something we’re born with; we build it from a young age as we experience and overcome challenging and undesirable situations. Throughout life we continue to experience adversity and it is our level of resilience that determines how quickly we bounce back and persist through discomfort.  

You will leave the day with:

  • Greater awareness of resilience and the role it plays in a healthy workplace
  • Strategies to start building/maintaining your own personal resilience
  • Heightened awareness of yourself and others
  • A toolkit of resources to access when resilience levels are dipping
Upcoming dates & locations


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