“This workshop opened my mind up on areas of resilience that I have not thought of before. Shelley presented it in a very engaging manner that provoked thought and made you ask why. I would recommend this to anyone who seeks professional and personal growth.” ~ Joe Gordon, Probe Group


This one-day workshop encourages you to reflect on your current ‘life’ position. Many of us don’t think about ‘building’ resilience until we’re already feeling the pressure and need to tap into it. This program aims to equip you with the tools you need to shift focus and bounce back from adversity. It helps to effectively deal with challenges by creating a regular practice around the five core components of being resilient: Position; Preparedness; Perspective; Presence; and, People.

Keep your cup topped up now, as part of your daily life, and well into the future.


Exclusive to you, this one-day workshop can be delivered onsite or offsite depending on your requirements.

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This one-day program is ideal if you are wanting to take control of your career and improve your likelihood of remaining relevant, and therefore employed, in uncertain times & fast changing environments. Resilience alone is defined as the ability to bounce back from adversity and so career resilience is about doing that on a professional level. When you focus on increasing your career resilience, you’re not looking to avoid the redundancy of a role but more to build your skills so you can bounce back and recover quickly when the time comes. This program helps you to build and implement a strategy that we use to not only achieve security, but to also help keep you in a growth zone and challenge you to continually adjust your thinking so you can remain relevant in your industry and the workplace more broadly.

By focusing on self-initiation along with your adaptability, awareness and attitude you can position yourself as the ‘talent’ organisations need to continue to succeed and grow.


Exclusive to you, this one-day workshop can be delivered onsite or offsite depending on your requirements.

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“Awesome engagement and a great way to learn new mechanisms for how to overcome the feeling of isolation we may be experiencing in our current environment. Highly endorse this course run by the wonderful Shelley Flett! Kept my cup full for the past 4 weeks! Thanks to all the participants who openly shared their own experiences and help shape me and my views!”
~ Sam Sutherland