“Our time together as a team was so insightful. Was great to see everyone step out of comfort and into growth. A great way to help people understand what they want, what’s important to them and how to get there.” ~ Tara Pezzanite, Owner, Eclipse Massage & Beauty


This one-day outdoor program is for teams who already have a good level of trust and want to improve their dynamics & performance. Leaders of these teams will have a growth mindset, promote learning and elevate their people. You will be pushed beyond your comfort zone to discover new ways of working and supporting your peers at a deeper level. The topics covered include: Trust; Communication; Courage; Persistence, Resilience; and, Collaboration. This program is designed to deliver results and promote's definitely not for the faint hearted!


The culture of an organisation is like the air that we breathe. It is everywhere and nowhere all at once. It is impacted by each of us yet no one person can change it alone. It is the thing that goes unnoticed, until it becomes a problem, yet it is the very essence of what keeps us alive. 

If culture is like the air we breathe, then feedback is like the smaller particles within it. While it may appear to be insignificant, when it is multiplied, it can have an impact far greater than we might expect.

This two-day program provides a way of seeking and providing feedback for the purpose of strengthening culture, encouraging growth and supporting innovation.

Creating a culture of feedback will impact how you feel about the work you do, the people you work with, the reputation of the business and your pride in being part of something bigger than ourselves.


These programs are custom-built to address the needs of the team often to serve the purpose of lifting performance and creating team cohesion.. They are generally a one-day or multiple half-day event and include themes around:

  • Building familiarity around the values, vision and overarching objectives of the organisation to give confidence and clarity in the work required and the reasons why.
  • Understanding the need for open communication and clean language when getting to know each other and particularly when seeking/giving feedback.
  • Refining communication skills and learning to adapt to suit the audience and context.
  • Increasing the overall trust of the team through deepening relationships and embracing different perspectives.
  • Learning to collaborate and problem solve as a team to achieve greater results.