What was the point of hiring me?

Making use of the skills & experience you have in your team!

When you hired me you said my skills would be complimentary to the team; you said my experience was invaluable and could really improve the business. When I started my role you optimistically showed me around and introduced me to the team. You highlighted my strengths and created excitement about having me on board.

Then, you sat me down and taught me how to be like everyone else! I learnt processes, policies, systems, team culture and business etiquette. And throughout this process I received one very clear message ? ?no one cares where I?ve come from or what I know, I?m here to just do my job ? like everyone else?.

So after the amazing build-up followed by a shattering crash down to reality?many leaders are left with a wounded employee ? who?s barely through their probation period and already showing signs of disengagement! ?And, to add insult to injury, we completely forget about their skillset and bring in consultants and experts to do things we could have got them to do for free!!

I get that we?re all time poor so giving new employees that extra bit of attention just isn?t realistic. So let?s invest our attention in tasks that are going to deliver maximum value.

One task that takes barely any time but delivers huge value is keeping track of who knows what?and refer to it every time you need something done. You could buy a little black book, or, create a spreadsheet to capture just a couple of things about each person in your team:


Then, when you?re looking for help to create an invite for your teams Christmas party your little black book is the first place to start. In this example you might ask Tracy to work with Jane or Sarah. It will play to each of their strengths, bring them closer together and make them feel like they?re being recognized for their unique skills.

When employees, particularly millennials, only remain in their roles for less than three years, according to a Future Workplace survey, there?s a good case for investing in them. We absolutely must change the way we lead our teams, the future success of our business depends on it!

Shelley Flett is a passionate leader with a keen focus on creating efficient and sustainable team environments through adaptable leadership. She is a Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor and Speaker who ignites vision and purpose in those she works with.

If you?d like to know more about her latest program ?Creating Dynamic Teams? please drop her an email shelley@shelleyflett.com.

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