What?s in a job ?title??the Sequel

And how I underestimated the connection to staff motivation!

A?few weeks ago I published an article called What?s in a job title??. I said ?once upon a time your job ?title?, as a leader, gave you immediate authority, respect and credibility. Today your job title generally determines your salary and where you fit into an organisational structure ? but not a lot more.?

Well this morning I read an article called Creative Job Titles Can Energise Workers which has given me a new perspective and led me to writing ?the Sequel?. Through research they were able to conclude that ??titles can be vehicles for agency, creativity, and coping.? Job titles can be used to establish the ?why? of work which according to Simon Sinek is more important than the ?what?.

This article also reminded me of a missed opportunity a few years ago when I was working in a Collections role. My role was Customer Experience Manager and my key objective was to improve the interaction our customers had with our Collections Officers.

Several times, my colleague, who had worked for the organisation for over 25 years, suggested we explore the possibility of changing the name of the department. She said the name Collections was negative and contradictory to the customer service we were trying to promote. I agreed that the title wasn?t in line with the direction but didn?t really think it would make a huge difference ? and so I didn?t support her idea.

On reflection, I think I should have been more open to the impact a seemingly small change could have on the motivation of the team. The research also found ?that employees were 16% more satisfied with their work and 11% more closely identified with the company? when they agreed on a title that everyone could share.

If you could change your title, to feel more motivated, what would it be? I think I would call myself a ?work smarter coach?!

Shelley Flett is a passionate leader with a keen focus on assisting others to identify their goals and move in a direction to ensure they?re achieved.

She is a Directional Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor and Speaker who ignites vision and purpose in those she works with.

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