Who?s holding you accountable?

?Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result? ~ Bob Proctor

In an AFL match, between the Gold Coast Suns and the Brisbane Lions, two players from the same team were involved in an altercation. Steven May dragged Tom Lynch away from an on-field scuffle with a few ?choice words? and Lynch pushed May out of frustration.

An article published by the AFL, following the game, explained that the teams coach had encouraged the players to challenge each other. May said “I was just keeping him accountable to what he spoke to us about before the game.”

Being held accountable can dramatically improve the results you produce. In this particular example Tom Lynch went on to kick five goals and received an award for best on field. When you share your actions or intentions with others you open up yourself up to be challenged on the outcome. This in itself generally motivates people to fulfill what they?ve verbalised to avoid being challenged.

For those of you that suffer from procrastination or a lack of follow-through, consider some of the following strategies to hold yourself accountable:

  • Find an accountability partner to check-in on a regular basis and keep you on-track. They will not tolerate excuses and challenge you when they feel you?ve lost focus.
  • Make it public by sharing your actions and timeline with others. You could put it on social media or tell a friend or colleague.
  • Make it visual by creating a vision board or setting a reminder on your phone to monitor progress.
  • Create a checklist to break down your tasks into smaller activities and check them off as they?re completed. Bruce Feiler, in his TED Talk on Agile Programing For Your Family says, “you can’t underestimate the power of doing this.” He said, “in the workplace, adults love it. With kids, it’s heaven.” The week we introduced a morning checklist into our house, it cut parental screaming in half.?

?Shelley Flett is a passionate leader with a keen focus on assisting others to identify their goals and move in a direction to ensure they?re achieved.?She is a Directional Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor and Speaker who ignites vision and purpose in those she works with.

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