Why would you work with me?

As my client you are the most important thing in my business and will always be my highest priority. Supporting you to achieve your outcomes, to become better leaders and to create empowered and dynamic teams is what drives me and what I strive to deliver through every engagement.

Whether it is one on one coaching with you or training your entire team you can expect me to take every interaction seriously, act with integrity, confidentiality, quality care and a genuine investment in your success.

My name is Shelley Flett and this is my business – aka my fourth child! I work in the leadership and team culture space and have successfully operated my business since 2015. With more than 15 years experience in customer service and operations I am passionate about maximising efficiency and building high performance team cultures in organisations of any size. My work so far has been with businesses across a wide variety of industries including banking, telecommunications, government, local council, critical infrastructure, engineering, hair & beauty, trades, insurance, marketing, travel and retail.

What I’ve observed in my career and business is that it doesn’t matter what industry or organisation your work in, the challenges faced by leaders are the same – and often it comes down to people!

Outside of doing what I love, I spend time with the people I love, my unbelievably supportive husband, my two sons and my daughter. I enjoy heading up to the country with my family to ride around on dirt bikes and get outdoors. I grew up on a farm in Northern Victoria and, while I love suburban life, my trips to the country keep me grounded and are a great reminder of where I’ve come from.


What I value most in my business is: Growth, Delivering Results, Sharing Wisdom, Helping others, Fulfilling a purpose, and Having Fun. I love working with leaders who share similar values so if this resonates with you I’d love to have a chat.


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