Your future isn?t always in front of you!

Sometimes it?s right behind you!

As I was driving home the other night I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw my three beautiful babes in the backseat. I thought to myself, these young, impressionable individuals represent our future. The decisions I have made in the past and continue to make each day will be reflected through them and carried into their adult years!

Similarly, our own future is defined by the actions we?ve taken and decisions we?ve made in the past. Consider how often the same problems tend to repeat themselves over time. When we ignore or eliminate the challenges we?re faced, instead of working through ways to resolve them, we tend to experience them again and again. This isn?t anything new, Winston Churchill said ?those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it?. I constantly see this playing out with the leaders I work with, who simply want their problems to go away.

I myself have experienced the same thing in my career. When I first joined the corporate world, as a customer service consultant in a call centre, I was opposed to the idea of selling. Over the years I avoided any sales based roles. I thought there was nothing to learn and that I?d be selling my soul, compromising my values if I took a sales role.

Interestingly, I discovered that one of my challenges, as a leader, was my inability to influence those around me. And without influence a leader needs to rely on their position of authority, which achieves merely superficial results. Having the ability to influence those around me was a core capability and once I let go of my adversity to selling, or influencing, I became a much better leader.

Sometimes the thing that?s keeping us from moving forward and achieving our goals is right behind us. Perhaps all it will take for you to succeed is to reflect on what you?ve failed at in the past and then face it head on. Work out how to resolve or deal with it instead of just wanting it to go away ? because it won?t, you will be condemned to repeat it!

I?ll leave you with this quote from John C. Maxwell which summarises the need to lead from our past.

??A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.?



P.S. I?m so grateful to have the opportunity to influence the next generation. My children inspire me to be my best?and go to bed earlier! Love them!!

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