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While I approach my work a little differently depending on whether you own the business or are employed to lead within the business, the challenges and problems that need to be solved are fundamentally the same. How I see it is…

"Running a business or leading a team is a lot like riding a bike...
If you control your focus you can control your outcome!"

So much of the work I do with you will be around doing things differently and working smarter rather than doing more. Very few of my clients leave with more work to do, just a different focus and clarity on what’s most important.

What problems do you need help to solve?

Here are some of the common challenges I help you work through:

  • The performance, efficiency and engagement of your staff.

  • Your effectiveness as a leader.

  • High operating costs.

  • Communication and managing expectations.

  • Low customer loyalty.

  • High staff turnover.

  • Lack of clarity and direction.

  • Outdated/ineffective business structure and strategy.

How these problems might be solved

The way I work with you will be dependent on the size and scale of your organisation and the problem itself.

My motto is INVEST | INSPIRE | INFLUENCE and a common place to start our conversation. I will meet with you to determine the most appropriate course of action and create a program that suits you, your business and your industry.

Through coaching I can support you to recognise the things that are holding you back and put strategies in place to overcome them.

Training is great for teams who need to focus on a particular theme, like: leadership, time management, customer experience, mindset, performance, communication, etc.

If you’re wanting your team to bond or challenge each other differently or if you’re preparing, revising or reviewing a strategy, then a facilitated workshop is ideal.

Where there’s an event that requires an expert speaker I am available for a variety of topics.

Why would you work with me?

As my client you are the most important thing in my business and will always be my highest priority. Supporting you to achieve your outcomes, to become better leaders and to create empowered and dynamic teams is what drives me and what I strive to deliver through every engagement.
Whether it is one on one coaching with you or training your entire team you can expect me to take every interaction seriously, act with integrity, confidentiality, quality care and a genuine investment in your success.
What I value most in my business is: Growth, Delivering Results, Sharing Wisdom, Helping others, Fulfilling a purpose, and Having Fun. I love working with leaders who share similar values so if this resonates with you I’d love to have a chat.

Public programs

These are the training programs I offer to the general public where attendees come from a wide variety of businesses, industries and locations.

Dynamic Leaders Tutelage

A one-day program where new & emerging leaders will learn strategies and tools to lead their teams effectively. Gain the confidence to know when to intervene, where to inspire and, who to influence.

Most managers begin their leadership journey with minimal structure and find themselves reacting to situations and running from one burning platform to the next - they are reactive and, as a result, their culture may be quite erratic.

With an effective structure and a change in focus it is possible to build a sustainable environment where leaders are invested and their teams are dynamic.

Next Level Leadership

A one-day program for leaders of leaders. Attendees will be challenged to think differently about how they approach their role and take their leaders and teams to the next level. 

 This program was designed around the theory that what got you to your current role won’t be enough to get you to your next role. To continue to succeed and grow it is essential to transition your thinking and approach to the next level of leadership. 

 You will leave the day with:

  • A new way to approach your role as a leader of leaders
  • Structure and clarity on what success looks like for you and your team
  • Tools and strategies to improve the way you influence and communicate
  • Confidence in your leadership capabilities and optimism about future transitions
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Personal Resilience Program

A one-day workshop for anyone working in a fast paced and often reactive environment. Attendees will learn strategies to help build and maintain their own personal resilience as well as opportunities to build relationships and support the people around them. 

Resilience isn’t something we’re born with; we build it from a young age as we experience and overcome challenging and undesirable situations. Throughout life we continue to experience adversity and it is our level of resilience that determines how quickly we bounce back and persist through discomfort.  

You will leave the day with:

  • Greater awareness of resilience and the role it plays in a healthy workplace
  • Strategies to start building/maintaining your own personal resilience
  • Heightened awareness of yourself and others
  • A toolkit of resources to access when resilience levels are dipping
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Don't take my word for it!

I love to deliver results and I am passionate about helping people realise their full potential. If you want someone who will push you outside of your comfort zone and hold you accountable then you’re on the right website. But don’t take my word for it, here’s what my clients are saying:

"Fantastic, inspiring day, well worth time away from the business. Engaging, relevant content presented in a collaborative way."

Tamara Annesley

Great coach!! Shelley you’re a fabulous speaker.

Sam Young

“A sense of humour is vital! Thanks for making this a very enjoyable day.”

Narelle Donald

“Opened my eyes to the other ways of leading. Empowerment of the teams.”

Andrew Chirisa

“Shelley is an engaging facilitator. Worth the time to come along and listen and learn/update your skills.”

Tracy Kara

“I love the way you hold the room and speak in front of a crowd. I was thoroughly invested all day – thank you.”

Michael Metzler

“Perfect structure, pacing and quality resources.”

Julia Shields

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