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Transforming leadership to maximise individual performance, enhance employee engagement and enable dynamic team cultures.


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The ability to invest in trusting relationships, inspire respect through healthy conversation and influence results by empowering others, is the future of leadership and no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have skill.
The problem is we can’t develop this skill while we’re working IN the business. The Dynamic Leaders Tutelage is held virtually over 4 weeks with one 3-hour session each week. You will learn the 9-stage dynamic leaders' pathway, discover the benefits of a results mindset and gain new perspectives from other leaders.

Commences 10th Nov 2021 @11am.

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Unfortunately, resilience isn’t something we’re born with. We build it from a young age as we experience and overcome challenging situations. Through-out life's ups and downs we continue to experience adversity and it is our level of resilience -that determines how quickly we can bounce back and persist.
This virtual program, held over six 90-minute sessions, will give you some quick and effective, practical and long-term strategies to manage difficult situations, overcome adversity, and allow you to the ability to cope.

Commences 14th of October @ 11:30am.

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Shelley Flett and Renée Giarrusso have taken on the challenge of designing a face to face program to help leaders’ ‘breakthrough’ so you can be in-service to yourself, your team and your organisation. Over six-months you will shift gears, gain traction and focus more on the experience and less on the mechanics and drive your career and life from chaos to connection.

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LEADING A TEAM is a little like riding a bike, if you can control your focus you can control your outcome…

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